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How To Catch EBUSY Event on Windows using NodeJS

Introduction During a debugging session of one of our NodeJS microservices misbehaving on a Windows Server 2019 instances, I opened the microservice log to begin investigating the faulty behavior. But when I scrolled down to the timestamp where I was supposed to start investigating, I found out that the log was full of the followingContinue reading “How To Catch EBUSY Event on Windows using NodeJS”

Debugging NodeJS Microservice with Shared Storage on Kubernetes

Introduction One of our largest customer recently had a problem loading a list of resources from our web application. The problem was a blocker for the customer and required to identify the problem and provide a workaround, if possible. I was assigned the task as I was the SME in this area (NodeJS microservices, infrastructureContinue reading “Debugging NodeJS Microservice with Shared Storage on Kubernetes”

How To Trace/Read RabbitMQ Messages

Introduction This week, I needed to debug a production issue where one of the critical ReactJS applications happened to load exactly after 60 seconds. When I opened the browser development tools network tab, I saw that the request was stuck in Pending state indicating that it was waiting for the server to respond. As IContinue reading “How To Trace/Read RabbitMQ Messages”

MacBook Pro 2020 High CPU caused by Siri

A few months ago, I received a highly-anticipated 2020 32GB, 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro. Highly-anticipated because I already had one stolen (a 2019 version) earlier last year in a robbery in an AirBnB apartment I was renting while I was staying in Barcelona. It was quite a dramatic story but IContinue reading “MacBook Pro 2020 High CPU caused by Siri”